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Classical education has existed for centuries as a reliable and time-tested education method. It has produced some of the greatest thinkers and influencers of our world today such as United States Founding Fathers Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, CS Lewis, Martin Luther, Leonardo Da Vinci, and many others. 


The Classical Christian model seeks to impart the best of God's truth, beauty and knowledge to our students. Through the Classical Christian model, students are taught how to think critically within a Biblical context to gather information, draw conclusions, form a viewpoint, and defend their viewpoints logically.

Our graduates emerge with the tools they need to live effectively in their communities and in the world as they enter colleges, choose careers, start families and more. 

Why classical Christian education?


Isolating the student from large sections of human knowledge is not the basis of a Christian education.  Rather it is giving him or her the framework for total truth, rooted in the Creator's existence and in the Bible's teaching, so that in each step of the formal learning process the student will understand what is true and what is false and why it is true or false.

Francis Schaeffer

The Foundations of a Classical Approach


Grades K-5


Grades 6-9


Grades 10-12


Students at this age are idealistic, moving toward specific topics. They can work independently, and want to express their own thoughts.



Students at this age need to be challenged and want to know "why."



Students at this age enjoy learning, absorb large amounts of information, and want to experience the senses. Chants and Rhyme make learning fun.

What makes our program unique?

  • Daily Recitation period for Grammar School

  • Grammar School History days

  • Formal Logic, Rhetoric and Argumentation classes for Secondary

  • Secondary House System & House Cup

  • Emphasis on History of Western Civilization for K-12

  • Latin language studies

  • Literature Readings: Olympiad, Odyssey,  Augustine’s ​Confessions​, Dante's Divine Comedy, ​Beowulf

....And Much More!

How do our students perform?

Classically educated students consistently perform above average on their SATs.

Website stats- circle icons 3.png
SAT Scores by Type of High School

Data is from the College Board and the 2014 ACCS Member School Survey.

Average Verbal SAT Scores

Students who take 2 years of Latin consistently score an average of 174 points higher on their SATs.  Source: The College Board, as cited by the National Committee for Latin and Greek.

How Can I Learn More?

When you apply at CCS, we provide you with a variety of resources to learn more about Classical Christian Education. Check out the links below for more information.

Why Classical? Why Coventry?

Click here to watch a video of a recent webinar with Coventry Christian Schools' Head of School.

Association of Classical Christian Schools
Classical Academic Press
Th Lost Tools of Learning

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